Product Range

We have been making our Miso since December 2014 at the wonderful Wandering Cooks, and slowly experimenting with other products over time. In 2019 we took the next step to establish our own Commercial Kitchen facility. This will allow us to manufacture a wider range of products, and we are excited to be able to expand on our product list here. Some products are available for sale at market, some online, and most are commercially available. As all products are made fresh we need some lead time to fit requests into our schedule, so please talk to us first to check availability and any production requirements.

Please note we only use glass bottles now, and offer a return on the jars at the market. :-)

White Rice Miso

8 πŒπŽππ“π‡π’

Brown Rice Miso

12 πŒπŽππ“π‡π’

Barley Miso


Spelt Miso

12 πŒπŽππ“π‡π’

Triple Blend Miso (Spelt)

Triple Blend Miso (Barley)

𝟐 π˜π„π€π‘π’, πŸ‘ πŒπŽππ“π‡π’, πŸ‘ π–π„π„πŠπ’, πŸ” πƒπ€π˜π’, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝟐 π‡πŽπ”π‘π’.

Sweet Brown Rice Miso

Spelt Miso and Mustard


Salty Koji


Spicy Koji

Traditional Amazake

Black Rice Amazake

Adzuke Amazake

Amazake Matcha Dessert