Simple Miso Soup

Make the Stock:

  • Water - 200ml

  • Fresh Shitake Mushrooms ~1tbs roughly chopped

  • Fresh Enoki Mushrooms ~1tbs roughly chopped

  • Fresh Oyster Mushrooms ~1tbs roughly chopped

  • Age Tofu (fried tofu) -2tbs cut in small pieces

Add to a pot with medium heat and bring to the boil, then immediately stop the heat. Put the lid on and sit for 3 min.

Return to the boil then stop heat immediately.

Add the following ingredients to two bowls:

  • Rice Miso - 10-12g per bowl

  • Shallots (white part, finely chopped) ~1tsp per bowl

  • Wakame seaweed (dried) - two small pinches per bowl

  • Bonito Flakes (optional) - one big pinch per bowl

Divide the stock, ladling evenly into the two prepared bowls.

Stir gently to dissolve the miso and rehydrate wakame. Enjoy!

This video shows a vegan version without the Bonito flakes.